parts of the costumes

Marko Mitanovski - Fashion Designer
Milan Stosic - Sculptor


 A wall, with a door and a window is a basic architectural, even archeological element of human intervention in space
 Walls, windows and doorways, are boundaries between two spaces, two possibilities, two views- which are not necessarily different, but are appearing so, maybe only due to a change in perspective.
 This idea represented by a doorway, or a portal, a pathway from one view to another- t materializes a state of mind of looking forward to something and leaving something behind, or the transition itself.
 Through windows as well as through doors something can be seen, something can be entered, something is perceived as belonging on the other side, thanks to the presence of this frame of reference.
 Putting a doorway into a natural environment as an artistic intervention represents the human presence in its most elementary form - human consciousness.
The experience of looking though, and/or beyond this artifact (a boundary, or a frame) enables the re ective and individual experience of the surrounding nature, and hopefully triggers the contemplation about this very process.


My work, "The Elevator", consists of a series of documentary photographs taken in the apartment buildings elevators in Bor.
It is following the development of structures (buildings) that are the protection of light sources (bulbs) from theft ..
It refers to the relations within ourselves, but also contains the various references considering the duality personal - collective.

As an artist I wanted to introduce, in a minimalist style, the social problems that have existed for a long time
symbolically reduced in this set of photographs.